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At Summit Skylights customer satisfaction is more than just a slogan. We take customer service seriously. We're not done with an installation until you are completely satisfied. And you don't have to take our word for it... look what our customers say.
Our Goal: Provide the best daylighting solution possible, the best product at the best price, regardless of brand.

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Thanks to my friend, Susan, for recommending Tate at Summit Skylights! When unexpected issues arose with the job, Tate handled them quickly, with tact and skill. Tate's price was reasonable - he allowed my husband to complete the inside finish-work in order to save us money. I love my new skylights. Great job, Tate!

Janet K., Fort Collins, CO - 2011

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We love our two new sky lights. The difference is incredible. The natural light adds SO much to our kitchen and family room. Tate did a great job! He was on time, efficient, neat, and very professional. We are thinking about where we might add more of these great lights.

Terry & Gail O., Littleton, CO - 2010

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I wanted you to know how much we love our new skylight. It lets so much light in that we keep trying to turn the light off on the wall switch. It is the first time we have really been able to see well in our closet. Steve has even invited guests in our home into our closet to see the great results. "You’ve got to see this!" he says as he leads them up the stairs and into the closet. It’s pretty funny. And if the light itself is not wonderful enough, there was the service. We so appreciate you working through the roof installation issues and timing.You went out of your way, making two trips across town, to make sure the timing was right for the installation. I appreciate your communication style. We have been working with multiple contractors and have really had to work at making sure all the bases were being covered. But you were on top of it all, kept in touch, and then demonstrated your craftsmanship. We truly appreciate the work you did.

Mitzi K., Arvada, CO - 2010

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Recently, you installed three sun lights in our new master bathroom WOW! What a difference. God said, "Let there be light," and so it was. Having returned from our mountain home after the installation, I honestly thought the workmen had left the lights on all weekend only to laugh at myself realizing it was the light from your tubes. Thank you for your quick, clean, efficient labor. And bless you for the light!

Barbara L., Boulder, CO - 2009

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My husband and I are thrilled with our new tube-lites that you installed last week in our home. What a amazing difference from having a a once dark laundry room and a once dark master bedroom closet to now both being bright. I feel like overhead lights are on in both rooms, however the light is more natural than the light given off from light bulbs! Thank you for your wonderful quality of work, Tate. You did a great job! It was a pleasure to work with you. Expect to hear from us soon - I think we'll get a tube lite installed in our kitchen.

Cheryl L., Loveland, CO - 2009

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Not only have we enjoyed flooding our home with natural light all year, we are able to do so without solar heat loss or gain. Strategically placed solar tubes illuminate even the darkest corners in our north side family room, down the stairs to the basement, in hallways and kitchen. When there is enough snowfall to briefly cover the domes, and therefore the light, you are quickly reminded as to why you had the tubes installed. Having installed the solar powered attic fan, we haven't had to run the swamp cooler at all this summer. What a discernible difference it has made when you need to go into the attic. It is appreciably cooler... a much welcome feature on hot summer days. Both products are great investments and the quality and workmanship of Summit affords for happy customers.

Jane T., Denver, CO - 2009

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We have just had a tubular skylight installed in a small un-windowed bathroom, and are very pleased with the results. It is no longer necessary to turn on incandescent lights during the day. Tate Schlosser, the installer, did an excellent job in an astonishingly short period. He was courteous, efficient and left the space clean and dust-free. I highly recommend both him and his product.

Pamela P. - 2009

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It has now been two weeks since our skylight was installed by Tate Schlosser. The skylight has brightened our hallway and staircase and its presence has lived up to all promises to improve the appearance of our home. Tate was the best: he arrived on time, was neat, and completed the job in less than two hours. He is a professional in every since of the word. We are very pleased with our skylight and the installation experience. It was well worth its cost, and we will enjoy the benefits for years to come.

Robert U., Denver, CO - 2009

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Thank you for the beautiful job on installing our Sky Light. Your promptness, efficiency and the clean up is very much appreciated. The light itself is beautiful! We have daylight in our Dining Room without opening the blinds!

Robert F. - 2009

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I would like to thank you for your professional attitude and superb workmanship! You arrived on time, told me it would take a certain amount of time and you were done before I knew it! You expeditiously installed 2 tubular skylights in the two "dungeons" of our home. Both our walk-in closet and laundry room have no windows and are pitch-black when there are no lights turned on! We absolutely love both of the skylights you installed because they bring so much natural light into those rooms! With the skylights, we do not need to turn on any lights when we go into either of these rooms now! You will be highly recommended by us! We can't thank you enough!

Scott & Shelli V., Pueblo, CO - 2009

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I am writing to let you know how pleased I was with the installation of a tubular skylight in my home yesterday by Tate. Over the past few years I have slowly been trying to update my home with small remodeling projects, and I have worked with several different installers. Tate was by far the best. He arrived on time, gave me an accurate estimate of how long the project would take, and he did a top-notch job. I am really pleased with his service and the product.

Tim S., Lafayette, CO - 2008

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