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Did You Know?

Numerous studies have shown that students and workers in a daylit environment are more productive, are happier, perform at a higher level, and make fewer mistakes. Furthermore, daylight improves both physical and mental health.

Studies have also shown that the initial costs of installing day lighting are more than offset by reduced utility costs. Furthermore, since skylights do not use electricity, your lighting is not generating any pollution.
Our Goal: Provide the best daylighting solution possible, the best product at the best price, regardless of brand.

Summit Skylights: Better For Your Employees and Your Bottom Line

Skylights can make a tremendous difference for both productivity and profitability. Providing natural lighting not only reduces overhead, but increases workers' welfare. Truly, a win-win proposition.
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More Than 80% Reduction in Electrical Costs!

Skylights in store interior

The electric bill was $500.00 a month, but now they do not need to use any lights during the day, so the bill is $85.00 a month. WOW!!!!!

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