Summit Skylights

Natural Lighting Made Easy

A single skylight can illuminate a 150 square foot area. Large skylights will light up 300 or more square feet.

Skylights replace electrical lighting during daylight hours. Heat gain/loss through a tubular skylight is insignificant.

Our skylights are installed quickly and easily. The specially designed flashing effectively prevents leaks.
Our Goal: Provide the best daylighting solution possible, the best product at the best price, regardless of brand.

Your First Choice for Skylights.

Sunshine is free. Use it to light your world.

Residential: Increase the Beauty and Value of Your Home.

Brighten your home's dark corners. Skylights can illuminate nearly every part of your home. Closets, stairways, even the basement.
front view of house

Commercial: Improve Productivity, Reduce Overhead.

Skylights can make a dramatic improvement in your bottom line, not only reducing electrical costs, but increasing employee productivity.
front view of commercial building
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